Time flies when your having fun!

May19 2009

Well, well, well. It's May and the last time I typed anything for here was October. So what's happened. Well in order: Forest avoided the drop after an awful season a change of manager and the fact that there were at least 3 much worse teams in the Championship! Panthers won nothing, although they did make the playoff finals weekend where they lost out to bitter rivals the Sheffield Steelers in the final. The mini actually made it to the L2B this year!! :-) Even more astounding it did the whole thing. (Nottingham to Croydon on Saturday. Croydon to Crystal Palace and Crystal Palace to Brighton on Sunday. Then Brighton to Nottingham via Canvey Island on Monday) without so much as missing a beat! Shame the weather was a bit poor on Sunday in Brighton (although I still managed to get burnt in the few hours of sun we had!) Photos from the L2B are here. Over the summer I'm probably gonna change the look of the site again, not sure what to yet but I think it needs a freshen up again plus I'll actually try and get some more stuff up on it!!

It's been a while: Better say something!

Oct25 2008

Can't beleive it was September when I last had something to say! How time flies when you're having fun! Forest's form of late has been awful, although we picked up a point on Tuesday night so fingers crossed the tide has been stemmed! Panthers after a blistering start to the season have trailed off in the last few games with only 1 point to show from the last 3 outings. Fingers crossed for them that this weekend with only one game will allow them to get back on track.
In other news I've got the mini half fixed from a very badly damaged crank (thanks as ever for the help Rob!) just some minor running issues to sort and I might be able to get a few miles done before the weather turns!

Couple of new icons: HTML and CSS Now Validated

Sept15 2008

Decided this evening to use w3.org's HTML Validator and CSS Validator and after a few tweaks the pages all validate! So proudly display the logos at the bottom of the page. Sad but I thought worthy of a mention!

Mixed Weekend : Forest 0 Points, Panthers 4 Points!

Sept15 2008

Dodgy penalty cost Forest the chance to stop above Derby in the table (damn them for finally wining a game!). However the Panthers faired better with a 6-0 demolition job on Edinburgh on Saturday at the NIC followed up with a come from behind 5-3 win up in Manchester. So sitting pretty at the top of the table with the only unbeaten record in the league. (Hope it continues next week against Sheffield!)

Bruising First Weekend : But 4 points!

Sept11 2008

OK so it's nearly a week since the first round of elite league fixtures. A 3-2 win up in Newcastle and a 6-2 demolition of Hull (who lived up to the expected lack of discipline!) It has been announced tonight that Rick Kozak will be banned for 10 games with a further 10 game ban suspended should he repeat the performance! This weekend sees Edinburgh visit the NIC following a road victory against Sheffield last weekend. Followed by a road trip to Manchester (assuming the ice has frozen!)

Been busy : Better do a quick update!

Sept6 2008

Feels like longer than a week since I've had the chance to type anything for the site! A lot has happened since then, Forest have taken a battering at Wolves! 2 Pre Season games for the Panthers and this weekend marks the start of the BMI Baby Elite League season with a trip to Newcastle then a home game against the London Racers Sorry Hull Stingrays (will make sense if you've seen the team they've signed!). Just about got the calendar sorted (see right) although still need to get a few more Forest fixtures in then we should be done!

Nothing Much to See Here : Well a few pics!

AUG26 2008

Been away for just over a week so not much to see on the site. Well apart from the pictures I'm just uploading to the Gallery as I type this. Just about got a test page working with the calendar before I went away but not had a chance to tidy the CSS to make it do what it needs to. (If anyone has any ideas why on earth a simple list would be putting a huge space at the end despite 0 padding please Contact Me!)

Finally found one: Calendar Coming Soon!

AUG13 2008

We have a break through, managed to find a suitable calendar that works with the hosting package I've got!! So once I've got the last of the info in and a decent template sorted the right hand side of this page will contain a list of upcoming events. (Forest and Panthers Fixtures, Mini Shows and anything else that takes my fancy!) Thanks must go out to Plans Calendarfor having the perfect solution for what I'm looking for!!

Well that went well : 0-0 on opening day

AUG11 2008

Maybe pessimism and hoping that we just didn't embarrass ourselves live on Sky was misplaced. It seems we have a team that will compete well in the championship. Honourable mentions to Paul Smith for that save and Guy Moussi who has already made himself a fans favorite. Of course a good opening weekend was helped by Derby doing ever so well against fellow promoted side Doncaster!

Confession to make : I've done nothing on the site for a week!

AUG9 2008

Ok so I've been meaning to do and add stuff to the site all week, I've been trying to find a php calendar that will allow me to have images in the events description such as Easy PHP Calendar which unfortunately won't run on fasthosts. As I'd like to get the football and hockey fixtures up with the relevant teams logos in as I thought it'd look good! So if you know of one please Contract Me! Other than that the football season starts again for me tomorrow so my voice should be gone by 3.30!!!

Getting there now : Gallery and Contact pages sorted!

JUL28 2008

After a very quick move (thanks fasthosts!) to a scripting compatible server I've got the gallery up and running (OK so there's nothing in it as I'm writing this but it will work!) with thanks to sye.dk for creating single file php gallery (sfpg). It has done perfectly what I'm looking for. Also the server move has allowed me to finally get a sendmail based contact form going and that's working now so feel free to visit both pages from the navigation above.

Thought for the day: Always think where you've posted pics!

JUL27 2008
OK, time for a confession! I sort of forgot that in wiping the old site it would mean that all my forum post ever would no longer have any pictures contained in them! So the images at least from the old gallery are now back online to save me messing about finding and editing posts!!

Finally!: A New Look

JUL26 2008

After much deliberation and knowing full well I didn't like the look of the site as it was I've finally managed to do something constructive about it :- and here it is.

I hope you like the look of the new site, not fully settled on some of the colours I'm using but I'm still playing with the wonderful CSS and Java Script that is html.it's Nifty Corners and Nifty Cubes.

Over the coming weeks I want to re-establish the gallery this time using some PHP rather than my clunky old templates.

One familiar bit of the old site will remain, I've still found nothing better than google maps for providing me with a push pin map of everywhere I've ever been so that stays!

Other than that all that remains is for me to thank you for taking the time to visit the site and please come back soon to see how things are progressing.